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Clutch Basket



Clutch Basket and DryFlex Clutch



For questions on these products, or their installation, please contact us.

Our clutch basket is CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, hard anodized and teflon coated.  We use a steel ring to prevent separation of the fingers at extended high rpms. Our design makes use of more than 90% of the available tab area on the friction plates. 

This clutch is made with Barnetts exclusive CF2000 molded Carbon-fiber friction material.  It can be run "dry" or "wet". 

The porous nature of this material provides excellent cooling for dry applications and adequate oil displacement when run in oil.  (Note; the Dryflex clutch does not come with springs.)  Combine our basket and a Barnett DryFlex clutch and you will remove 3.5 pounds of rotating mass from your clutch assembly.

If you have purchased both a basket and a clutch, the clutch plates have been installed inside the basket in the order they should be installed.  In other words, they are pre-stacked.  If you read the Barnett instructions you will notice they mention a "curved" plate.  It is stacked as it should be.  The only difference in the way we stack the plates is that we place two steel plates at the very outside of the stack rather than at the inside.  We do this for one reason: It moves the entire stack closer on the center hub allowing more clearance between the most outside friction plate and the steel ring of the basket.  This change has never caused any problems.

Note: To help prevent damaging your clutch hub when removing it from the input shaft, please consider using our Clutch Hub Tool.

When you remove the existing basket please make sure you clean all the old Loktite from the 8mm bolts before you attach the new basket.  Make sure you use 272 Loktite when re-installing the 8m bolts and torque them to 26 to 28 foot lbs.  Do not over tighten the 8mm bolts or you may damage the aluminum basket.  Do not use an excessive amount of Loktite as this can cause problems with the large seal in the clutch housing.

When you install the four small button head screws make sure you do not over tighten them.  It is equally important that you use an allen wrench which is in vary good condition or you can damage the heads of the screws. 

Do not run the engine without the steel ring installed.  The ring prevents the open end of the basket from growing in diameter at high RPMs. 

Use RTV or a small dab of Super Glue on the head of the screw to secure it.  Do not use Loktite on the threads.



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